Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spreenkler Talent Labs Hackathon

Saturday was the Spreenkler Talent Labs Hackathon.

I worked with Juba and Wei on ReMa (live site until I need the google app instance for something else, repo).  From the README I checked in the morning after the hackathon:

ReMa is a social community resource management website that was worked on for the Spreenkler Talent Labs hackathon on 2011/2/12.
The basic idea was a site where members of a community could go and post:
 - Things they need
 - Services they need done / helped with
 - Things they have
 - Services they can offer
The basic idea is to help the community with resources and services the community already has. This is accompolished through each member sharing this information on an easy to use website. We had something working by the end of the hackathon but it still needs alot more polish.

I had a great time - I have not worked that hard on a project since Senior Design. Some take away notes for us:

  • Need someone to concentrate more on the business development side next time - no prep for the presentation and had not really come up with much of a business case. Juba did have a decent idea of making use of our tags for contextual ads.
  • Prior to the event, we need to spend a couple of days in the tech stack that we would be using. Juba and I had not had a chance to do much GAE stuff in the weeks leading up and it took a little bit to get back into the swing.
  • Disregard everything not core to the product (user auth for example - Juba and I spent too much time getting that "working")
Congrats to the winners: 1000 Eyes (not sure if they have a live site yet but will add link if I come across it)