Thursday, January 13, 2011

Using distcc to build Chromium with mix of 32 and 64 bit machines

I have been wanting to hack on Chromium for a while and have finally found the time to download the source and try building it. The first build on my main desktop took quite a while so I thought I would also take the opportunity to try out distcc, incorporating an older laptop that I had lying around as well as my new netbook. The desktop and netbook are both 64 bit and the older laptop is an i686.

All the machines are running Ubuntu 10.10, netbook and desktop running the 64 bit build. On the i686 I installed the multilibs package (see previous post).

I was initiating the build from the 64bit desktop. Since this system was already a 64 bit system it would compile 64 bit by default. However, the 32 machine would compile only 32 bit by default. To fix this problem, I needed to explicitly set the flags for generating the 64 bit executables. So on the 64 bit system I set CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS to -m64.

I wish it had actually been as easy as this post may lead you to believe it was but I spent a couple of days on this and asked one question on Stack Overflow.

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